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About Our Firm

Bogdan and Lasky LLC represents several Fortune 500 corporations, numerous trade organizations, associations and not-for-profits. The firm’s founders virtually created the modern lobbying industry in Albany. Although we enjoy our successful status, we take more pride in our ability to achieve results than in our public profile.

We are a full-service lobbying firm, committed to meeting all the needs of our various constituencies. In a politically divided state like New York, the diverse experiences and political backgrounds of our professionals make this possible. Through utilization of a team approach, we better capture and focus the depth of our experience and expertise and work to serve our client needs.

While we focus on immediate results, we never lose sight of the long-term interests of our clients. Our accomplishments and our professional approach to business have resulted in client relationships spanning decades. Our current client list is a testament to the talented members of our firm who have made Bogdan and Lasky LLC the lobbying firm of choice for companies looking to shape public policy in New York.

Strategically located in downtown Albany, our proximity to the Capitol allows us to closely interact with Legislators, the Governor and their respective staffs. A principal reason for our continued success is our ability to cultivate contacts and maintain relationships throughout the year, not just during session. These important individuals are literally members of our communities and social organizations, and in many instances, our friends. Our contacts provide an invaluable source of information, which we translate into educated and well-placed input as circumstances demand.

Like most industries, to achieve and maintain success in the lobbying business requires an ability to keep pace with the changing times. The landscape of government and politics is constantly in flux, particularly in a state as large and diverse as New York. In this light, our firm is constantly developing innovative strategies to meet the varying needs of our clients.

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