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Legislative Monitoring

Legislative monitoring services include a review of the over 15,000 bills active each legislative session, attending legislative hearings, and reviewing proposed agency regulations, legislative calendars and committee agendas, as well as various other government reports. The firm identifies bills and issues which may be of interest to a client, and subsequently provides the client with details of pertinent legislation and proposed regulations along with introductory memoranda and other related material.

As part of its monitoring services, the firm:

  • Tracks legislation through its computer bill tracking system, which is linked to the New York State Legislative Bill Drafting Commission’s official computer files
  • Provides individualized client bill tracking reports which contain the status of legislation and other related information
  • Assists in the preparation of memoranda in support or opposition to specific legislation and consults in the development of a legislative strategy
  • Consults with the client regarding written or oral testimony, position papers or reports to the New York Sate Legislature or state agency representatives.
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