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Active Lobbying

Bogdan and Lasky LLC active lobbying services involve more aggressive participation in monitoring an issue and communicating a client’s position on a legislative or regulatory proposal. In consultation with the client, these services generally involve legislative monitoring activities in connection with some or all of the following:

  • Research of law or regulations under which the client functions
  • Obtaining a legislative history and understanding of both sides of the political debate
  • Assessment of the current politics of an issue and development of a political strategy
  • Consistent personal and written contact with key elected officials or policymakers responsible for the bill or regulation of interest
  • Annual review of the Executive State Budget proposal
  • Participation in budgetary hearings and monitoring of state budget negotiations
  • Drafting memorandum in support and opposition to legislation
  • Attending legislative committee meetings
  • Scheduling and attending meetings with legislators and staff
  • Drafting testimony in preparation for legislative or regulatory hearings
  • Drafting legislation or regulations, or recommending revised language
  • Building coalitions with organizations of similar interest
  • Attending legislative receptions, lunches and dinners on behalf of the client
  • Organization of legislative “lobby days”
  • Organization of client and constituent outreach in legislative district offices
  • Advice regarding political contributions
  • Consistent communication and reporting to the client on issue developments
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