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Coalition Building

The purpose of coalition building is to generate broad-based, often statewide, support for an issue or legislative initiative. The success of a coalition or grass roots effort depends upon the direct involvement and commitment of the client, and may involve establishing relationships with non-traditional allies.

Bogdan and Lasky LLC works with coalition leaders to clearly define objectives and develop an effective strategy for meeting the coalition’s goals. The firm assembles and distributes recruitment materials, and explains issues in their simplest terms to prospective coalition members. Once coalition members are contacted and relationships are established, the firm facilitates consistent written and verbal communication with each active participant. On-going coalition management is essential to the coalition’s success, and often involves identifying coalition leaders, compiling and maintaining a computer database, facilitating facsimile and electronic communications, regular conference calls and coalition meetings.

Once organized, coalition members are often involved with political activity and media relations in their legislative district, as well as letter writing campaigns, phone banks and legislative lobby days in Albany.

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